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Please read and fully understand these terms and conditions before obtaining any information, material, and access to the services obtainable through the use of this website. By getting access to www.transportgiant.co.uk, operating under the direct control of Transport giant limited, you hereby agree to observe and be bound to the Service Agreement for the Terms of Use of www.transportgiant.co.uk, herein referred to as the “Service Agreement.” This agreement defines our relationship to our users and serves as a guide for the rights and responsibilities that www.transportgiant.co.uk and the users has to observe.





Transport giant limited is a nationwide road transport service provider the owner of the website www.transportgiant.co.uk with registered business number 12659931. Transport giant limited was incorporated under the laws of United Kingdom. Transport giant limited is maintaining a principal place of business in 1st floor 5 Century court, Tolpits lane, Watford WD18 9PX, Hertfordshire which can be reached through 03303 90 20 10 or via email at [email protected]






www.transportgiant.co.uk provides all types of road transportation across the entire country. The following rules and regulations have to be observed by all users:


   1.       In using www.transportgiant.co.uk, it is prohibited to engage in any of the following illegal activities anywhere on the website:


                                                     a.       Posting or watching child porn

                                                     b.       Trafficking or posting obscene materials

                                                     c.       Using the services of www.transportgiant.co.uk to engage in any activities that are volatile to the accepted standard of morality.

    d.       All Users are expected to observe decency in all their dealings and activities within www.transportgiant.co.uk.


   2.       The services of www.transportgiant.co.uk are given for free to all users provided they are 18 or older. Any misrepresentation in violation to age requirement is a ground for suspension or termination of the user’s account.


   3.       The services of www.transportgiant.co.uk should not be used to engage in any form of irresponsible or any illegal act which may disrupt or result in misuse of the facility. These acts include but are not limited to:


                                                     a.       Posting any content containing VIRUSES, TROJAN HORSES which may cause technical harms to the infrastructure of                                  www.transportgiant.co.uk or to its users.

   4.       www.transportgiant.co.uk should not be used to perpetrate any form of false, fraudulent or any act which may affect other user’s privacy or security such as:


                                                        a.       Asking for personal information through intimidation.

                                                        b.       Asking for financial information.


   5.       All materials and articles used in the website are owned by www.transportgiant.co.uk. Any unauthorized use, distribution or publication outside the environment of www.transportgiant.co.uk is prohibited and the account of the violators shall be terminated without prejudice to the legal actions that Transport giant limited may have against the said violator/s.


The name Transport giant limited, registered domain www.transportgiant.co.uk and other properties of the company such as logo, contact details, service marks, trademarks shall not be used without the written consent and approval of Transport giant limited.






Transport giant limited reserves the right to amend or modify any of the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement. If there are major changes to the Agreement, the users are notified within 30 days before such changes take place and 90 days after the changes are implemented through the email address provided to us. The users are therefore required to read the said notice for utmost compliance therewith.






Transport giant limited is committed to making sure that the services of www.transportgiant.co.uk available at all times. However, necessary maintenance or technical difficulties may arise and cause serious service interruptions at times. www.transportgiant.co.uk reserves the right to make changes necessary to improve the services it provides to its users at any time whether temporarily or permanently, or delete or improve any of its features, with or without notice without liability to its users within the bounds of the applicable laws.






www.transportgiant.co.uk may allow the Users to complete online forms, join chats,etc and get involve in other functionality which may provide the Users the opportunity, display, submit, etc. contents necessary for the utilization of the services herein provided. All content-based contributions that the User provided are considered as non-proprietary and non-confidential. By providing such contents using the Services, whether directly or indirectly, of www.transportgiant.co.uk, the Users are presumed to have granted us the worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, and sub licensable right to use and exercise all Intellectual Property Rights necessarily included in the contents that were provided to us through the use of the services of www.transportgiant.co.uk


The Users hereby warrants that he/she owns or controls all necessary rights of all the contents provided to www.transportgiant.co.uk and that such contents meet the Users obligations and the standards provided for in this Agreement. The Users further warrants that contents are accurate and that the use of such contents does not in any manner violates any provision of the law particularly the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.






The provisions of this Agreement apply only for Arbitration to users residing in United Kingdom.


All Users who intend to submit any claim for arbitration must furnish Transport giant limited a written copy of the Notice of Arbitration through a certified mail to 1st floor 5 Century court, Tolpits lane, Watford WD18 9PX, Hertfordshire. In case, sending the copy via physical mail is not viable, a scanned copy signed by the User must be sent to [email protected] Such notice must clearly state the basis and nature of the claim and the relief sought. All claimants agree to have the issue settled privately between Transport giant limited and the claimant. Arbitration should only be resorted to in case of failure of both parties to reach an amicable settlement. The Arbitration commenced arising from this Agreement shall be governed by United Kingdom.






We at Transport giant limited are doing our best to keep our services functioning properly in a safe and secure online environment. However, we cannot fully guarantee the continuous access and operation of our services and hereby, within the limit permitted by law, expressly Transport giant limited from any liability and responsibility to any damage or loss that your computer or any system may incur from accessing www.transportgiant.co.uk through downloads or through the use of any of our tools.


By agreeing to this User Agreement, you expressly agree that you access www.transportgiant.co.uk at your own risk and that the services provided herein are made available to you on an “As Available” or “As Is” basis. Neither www.transportgiant.co.uk nor any of employees, agents, third-party providers, etc. warrant that the services of the site will be uninterrupted or free from error.






Should any or part of this Agreement be declared unenforceable or invalid by the court or arbitrator, the part that is not affected shall remain binding and applicable to the parties.






Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this www.transportgiant.co.uk Service Agreement, please don’t hesitate to contact www.transportgiant.co.uk Customer Service at 03303 90 20 10 or via email at [email protected]. You may also send us your letter of concern at 1st floor 5 Century court, Tolpits lane, Watford WD18 9PX, Hertfordshire.